Life and Health Insurance

Life insurance is a key building block in any long term financial plans. One unique tool can fund retirement, mortgage payoff, family living expenses, disability income, college funds, etc. No other single product does all of these things. Life insurance cannot replace you, but it can replace the income you would have earned for those who depend on you. We have the products and expertise to design the best combination of premium and protection for your family.

Health insurance has become a major national concern. What ACI provides is both a road map through the maze of regulations and options involved, but also the expertise and companies to do the best job for you and your family. Our philosophy is that health insurance should enable you to concentrate of getting well, rather than on how to pay medical bills.

Disability insurance goes to work when you can’t. It is designed to cover those on-going expenses that your income would have covered had you not become disabled: mortgage/rent payments, car payments, groceries, utilities, etc.

While most people understand about having life insurance, over 1 in 10 people of working age (21-64) are currently disabled (2010 Disability Status Report – United States | © 2012 Cornell University). Studies show that a 20-year-old worker has a 3-in-10 chance of becoming disabled before reaching retirement age. (US Social Security disability web page)

Lydia Buettemeyer can assist you in determining the best combination of Life, health and disability insurance for your family.

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